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2 serves
50 gr. of guanciale
  • Guanciale is Italian cured pork cheek or jowl rubbed with a combination of salt, pepper, herbs and spices and then air dry. Because it’s largely fat, guanciale has a more seductive pork flavor and delicate texture than cured meat that comes from the belly, like pancetta.
2 egg yolks (approx. 30 gr.)
50 gr. of grated pecorino cheese
30 ml of cold water
200 gr. of half sleeves (mezze maniche) pasta



  • Cut the guanciale in little slivers and put it in a pan. Just the guanciale. Cook it until it turns brown, not burned, brown! Put the cooked guanciale on a paper towel to dry and keep the melted fat in the pan. You just made something magical. You made the “Holy oil”!


holy oil dett


  • Now put the pasta in hot boiling and salted water, just the time to cook it “al dente” (on the package you can find the cooking time, take off 1 minute and then taste it!)
  • While pasta is cooking you have to mix egg yolks with half of the pecorino cheese and…. water. In the last step, the addition of water allows the egg to cook, form a delicious cream but not to become a scrambled egg. How much water? The same weight of the yolks. Simple. Carbonara needs a smooth cream, not a hard “frittata”!
  • When it’s time, drain the pasta and finish the cooking in the pan with the “Holy oil” for 1 minute. Add the mix of yolks, pecorino and water, blend it for 30 seconds, turn off the fire, add the pecorino left, the crispy guanciale you have on the paper towel, eat!
I didn’t add black pepper powder because it’s already on the guanciale!
The pairing I suggest is a cool sparkling rosé.


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It’s over!



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